Match Report 5.10.23 Another exciting week for Blackpool badminton


It’s been another exciting week in the world of Blackpool badminton 😉 The Dave Greer/Trevor Bell production line alongside Lee Meakin continues to produce players 30 years on from the first entrants as we saw the debut of Summer Stafford for Poulton B this week. This takes the number up to eight players so far this season with Jack, Sophie, Olivia, Molly, Summer, Ben, Jacob and Verity starting in the league and hopefully some more names yet to come. Apologies if I haven’t included anyone – please nudge me to include names if I haven’t!
Dave Greer and I were chatting about older names and we’ve been trying to think of who has been part of the Blackpool Junior Badminton Club. So far we can list: Gregor Creelman, Jordan Taylor-Millington, Hollie Mackay, The Meakin Siblings (Sian, Lee, Maya and Jake), Amelia Parker, The Smerdons (Stuart, Andrew and Chris), Elizabeth Andrew, Katie Kinder and Niamh Hick. Again, any names missing, please say.
Division 1
Some weeks will see me simply reporting the scores as they speak for themselves, but we await rematches in the second half of the season and we are keeping an eye on those players who don’t drop a game and those who attend every match for their team 😊
Stanley A vs Hesketh Fleetwood A 0-24.
Hesketh/Fleetwood B v Lightning A 6-18
Division 2
Poulton B vs Kirkham A 10-14
This was a thrilling match with some high scoring results including a 25-23 win in one game in Kirkham’s favour. What was lovely to see was the mix of the youngsters competing with and against the more ‘experienced players’ in our league. The atmosphere was wonderful and games were won and lost with equal measures of grace.
Bloomfield B vs Lids A 3-13
Kirkham Levels v Hesketh Fleetwood Levels 15-1. Kirkham had a great win here, but great games were enjoyed with the majority of games reaching double figures on both sides.
And finally…
The Mixed Tournament has been planned and is being played on SUNDAY 26th NOVEMBER 2023 at Preesall Sports Hall, Sandy Lane FY6 0ER. It starts at 9am prompt and bacon and egg butties and tea and coffee with be available to buy for participants and spectators alike.
If you fancy supporting this event by coming down to watch for a bit, please feel most welcome.