Report 5 October 2023


It's been an exciting time for inter-club-competition this fortnight and the second report of the season is quite a lengthy one. Despite the A Teams currently taking the wins, we are seeing healthy competition and closer games than the end scores are reflecting.
Division 1
This report begins with the Hesketh Fleetwood A and B teams. Sadly Cath Bagley is still out with her injury but came to cheer everyone on. We wish you a speedy recovery Cath. Lindsay Newton substituted and the A team began their season with a healthy win of 23-1 against the B Team.
Lightning A beat Lightning B 18-6 and a special mention goes out to Sian Meakin who made a 7/8 game win in her return to the league. The Meakin siblings are now all in full force in the league with Lee, Sian, Maya and Jake all playing which is just a wonderful thing. Welcome back Sian!
Poulton A and Stanley A met once again after the Cup Final win to Stanley A last season. Stanley brought their A game and some games were really close despite the score being 24-0 to Poulton A. It was a really friendly evening and an enjoyable match throughout.
Lightning B played Kingfisher A and Kingfisher A took a healthy win of 21-3. J Bunting and L Fang managed to take a game off the winning team in the mixed with a 24-22 result against A McQuinn and S Hammer.
Division 2
Captain Paul Foxton reported on the Stanley C v. Kirkham A game which Kirkham A won 24-0. He said, “It was a tough match for Stanley C but all games were played in good spirits with some great points won by both sides.” A special mention goes out to Molly Foxton who made her debut in the league. It's fantastic to see new names making an appearance so well done Molly.
We continue to welcome players back to the league who have had a bit of a break from matches. Poulton B had their very first match against Project 12 with Mark Crosbie and Della Reidy both returning with style. Poulton B won the match 17-7 with again, some very high scores. The games were competitive and well played. A special mention goes out to another set of siblings; Jack and Sophie Wilford who made their debut for Poulton B. Well done to Project 12 for providing chocolate biscuits - I promised any team who helps to reinstate the traditional half time refreshments, they would get a special mention in the match report!
Lids and Hesketh Fleetwood C met this time with Lids winning 17-7 with again some high scoring games. As Captain Carole states, “The final score does not reflect the match. It was hard fought and there were a lot of terrific games. Always a good night.” That's exactly what we want 😊
Bloomfield A and B teams competed in the Levels League. Monty substituted for Richard this week and after what were fairly high scoring games, the A Team went on to win 9-7.
Kirkham Charter Levels played Lightning A and we have our first draw of the season with 8-8. This is not the outcome either side wants ideally but it's great to see and report on as it shows some good competition and we look forward to the re-match.

And finally…
I'm still relatively new to this and I'm still working out my system of ensuring all teams get a mention. Bear with me if I miss a team or a special mention and please just add a note with your next match report when you send it off to Anthony. I'll always try my best to cover everything but there were that many games this week, it's made me realise how easily I could make a mistake.
Good luck everyone and keep the good games going 😊 (and the tea and biscuits 😉)