Season 2023/2024 is now Underway!!


Season 2023/2024 is now underway and I can only thank all teams for sending me their match results and some additional information to help report on what’s been happening.

It’s an exciting time for Blackpool Badminton with new members starting, players who have “found and dusted off their racquets” coming back and a tournament now planned for 26th November in Preesall.

This is my first match report of the season and I hope each week or fortnight my reports will keep all teams connected with what’s going on in both Divisions and hope we can cheer one another along.

Thank you to Brian Oakes who did such a wonderful job - I’ll not be able to match that but I hope we can use what I write will keep us positively competitive in a hobby we are all passionate about. It’s wonderful to see the youngsters coming through and I’m excited to see the match results over the season!

The best of luck to everyone!

Division 2

In the Kirkham Charter A v. Kirkham Charter B match, the A Team made a strong start to their season winning 21-3. It was simply a joy to receive this match report which included Richard Pascucci writing, “It is with great delight to welcome 3 ladies to the world of League Badminton as they played their first match tonight for the B team and gave their all …Naomi Borowy, Susan Holden and Niamh Hick. So glad to be able to field a B team with their help!”

We need as much of this encouragement as possible and thank you ladies for joining. We hope very much you enjoyed it?

Stanley B and Stanley C met one another in their first game of the season. Despite the score being 24-0 to the B team, it was a tense battle with Olivia Doherty making her match debut and Ben and Ben put in a solid performance. Ross, Steve and Jake were a formidable force with Wendy, Jill and Angela playing some excellent net shots.

Division 1

In another home A v. B team, Kingfisher A enjoyed a 24-0 victory but with three of the games ended in 21-19.


Our Kirkham Charter A team beat the Kirkham Charter B team 13-3 and Lightning A played Lightning B and the A Team won 13-3. The same scores will make it interesting for when both A teams and both B teams meet!

A special mention goes out to Jacob Baguley who made his debut for Lightning B. Well done Jacob! We had the first long score of the season too at 27-25 in this match so a prize will have to be given to the longest score at Presentation Evening this year if anyone can beat that?!

I thought we’d kick start the season with a longer match report but I can’t promise it will be like this each week. I’ll do my best but please bear with me! If I ever miss a team out it will be unintentional and I’ll include it in the next report and will do this broom if match reports are in a little later too.

Enjoy Season 2023/24! 😎🏸