Poulton -50 beat Lightning A by 11 points
Champions Poulton, made a great start in their quest for the double as they almost pulled back the handicap after the levels thanks to their ladies who gained 32 points. They gained another 11 points in the first half of the mixed to lead the match by 7. In the final 3 sets, despite some good play by Lightning, Poulton managed to stay ahead for a well deserved victory.

Stanley A +100 beat Hesketh Fleetwood B by 5 points
After the levels, HF had clawed back 48 points to be on target. In the first 3 mixed, all Stanley’s pairs played very well to concede only 16 points and leave HF needing 36 points from the final 6 games. In the 4th & 5th sets HF gained another 27 to edge closer to the finishing line. With HF requiring only 9 points from the final 2 games they were favourites to win, however a great performance from Stanley’s Kathy Howard and Steve Canavan meant Stanley only conceded another 4 points to leave them them the winners by 5 points !


Lids +80 beat Lightning B by 25 points.
Reigning Bridgewood Cup holders Lids had a great win, against league champions Lightning B, to progress into their second successive final. Lids have been a bogey team for Lightning as they were the only team to beat the eventual champions in the league so a close match was anticipated.
At the halfway point in the match, Lightning were on target as they pulled back 15 points in the ladies and 30 points in the mens to leave them needing to gain only 35 points in the 12 mixed games. Lightning gained another 14 points in the 1st pair of mixed to need only 21 more points. However, In the final 8 games, Lids played their best and actually gained a further 4 points thanks mainly to Pauline Weafer and Mark Green who won all 4 games and 26 points.

Project 12 +40 beat Hesketh Fleetwood C by 4 points.
Hesketh Fleetwood’s ladies gave them a terrific start as they immediately pulled back the handicap by winning 42 points. Even with Project’s men winning by 15 points, HF were still favourites to win the match. The first half of the mixed went to HF by 11 points meaning they were now only 2 points behind. The final 3 sets were very close with 2 sets being split and Kat Platt and Jon Jackson winning the other set by 10 points which effectively won the match.