Poulton dropped 5 games in their away match against Kingfisher B. This probably means that they will need to beat Hesketh Fleetwood A as they are behind on games. Nikki Wilford, Rebecca Dewhurst and Ant Forrest all won 7. Mike Aspden had a good match for Kingfisher splitting 3 games.

Kirkham Charter B are having a very good season as they remain unbeaten in their last 4 matches. They denied Hesketh Fleetwood C even a point in a determined 17-7 victory. In the levels only the second ladies was decisive as all the other 5 sets were split to give Kirkham a slender 7-5 lead. In the mixed, Kirkham upped their game and managed to win 6 of the next 8 games. With the score at 13-7 and the match already won, Kirkham maintained their concentration to win the final 4 games. From HF Linda Adams, Ant Cross and Mike Percy won 3 but the star of the match was Julie Somerside, who was playing her first match of the season and won 7 games.

There was a close match on Wednesday as Lids hosted Project 12. Lids won 4 ladies whilst Project responded with 4 mens. Both teams won a set apiece at the start of the mixed but in the 3rd set, Lids pairing of Julie Bennett and Mark Green won both games 21-19 in what turned out to be the decisive set. In the final 3 sets, Lids lost the first game but managed to win the second game to secure 3 split sets and the match 13-11.
Linda Settle won 6 games for Lids but Mark Pickles was POTM as he won 7 despite being on the losing team. Lids, having a great season, remain in second on games but have played 2 more than Kirkham Charter A.

Kirkham Charter A continue their chase at the top after a straightforward away win at Stanley C. Kirkham dropped only 2 mixed as brother and sister combo Maggie and Aaron Cheung won a set. Four Kirkham players won 8 but Amelia Parker easily conceded the least points.

Surprise of the week was undoubtedly the clash between Hesketh Fleetwood B and this season's league leaders Lightning A. Prior to this match Lightning had easily won all their previous 11 matches and had conceded only 18 games. Lightning got off to a great start by winning the first set, followed by 2 split sets. However, the match was effectively decided In the middle part of the match as HF took 5 of the next 6 games to lead 7-5 with 2 sets remaining. In the penultimate set, Lightning's Rob Cockerill and Andy Heaton easily took the first game but Mike Percy and Sean Andrews reversed the score in the second game to maintain their slender lead of 8-6. The match hinged on the final set. Lightning's Nathan Bunting and Graham Cooper won a close first game but were unable to win the second as Ant Cross and Derek Hill comfortably won the game and the match. Usual suspects Nathan and Ant were the most successful players on the night with 5 and 6 respectively. A great result not only for HFB but also gives their A team hope in their quest to overtake Lightning and retain their title.

Kirkham Charter won the first 2 games before Bloomfield A woke up to take 9 of the next 10 games. Kirkham managed another split before Bloomfield wrapped up the points by taking the final set. Despite being on the losing side, Jonathan Barker was involved in all of Kirkham's wins. Richard Pascucci and Eddie Choudhury won 7 for Bloomfield.

Lightning B swept into an early 4-0 lead against Lids B which was quickly followed by 3 split sets to give themselves a healthy 7-3 lead. In the 6th set Lightning's James Bunting and Darren Bagley won a pair to win the match at 9-3. With the match lost, Lids fought hard to try and win a consolation bonus point which they did in the penultimate set as Dave Radcliffe and Tony Hayward won both games. Lightning won the final set for a 11-5 win. James and Darren ended the match with 7 wins apiece.