Kingfisher A pushed title favourites Poulton all the way in an exciting match which resulted in Poulton just coming out on top. As expected, Poulton's ladies got them off to a flying start by winning 5 but Kingfisher's men kept them in the match by winning 4 to reduce Poulton's lead to only 7-5. It looked like game over when Poulton won the first 2 sets to lead 11-5 but this was cancelled as the next 2 sets went to Kingfisher. With the score at 11-9 any result was still possible but in the penultimate set the league's top mixed pairing of Michelle Skinner and Nick Hodgson maintained their unbeaten record to win the set and the match. The final set was split to give a final result of 14-10. Michelle had a great match again as she won all 8 games to be the POTM. Newcomer John Davenport had a great debut and won 6 for the unlucky losers.

Hesketh Fleetwood A strolled to victory against struggling Stanley A. There was only 1 close game as HF moved back to the top but only on games won.

Lightning A kept in the hunt for the top 3 places by defeating Hesketh Fleetwood B.
Although HF only won a mens and a mixed there were some close games which were played in a competitive but friendly manner. Jenny Stothard, Natalie Appleyard and Lee Williams all won 8 whilst Ant Cross was involved in both wins for HF.

Kirkham Charter A registered their 6th consecutive win. Although Project 12 fielded a weakened side this was still an impressive 21-3 victory. Kirkham's win maintains their challenge at the top of the division. Projects John Wright won 1 mens and also 2 mixed with partner Sarah Jackson but the best players on the night were super sisters Amelia and Verity Parker who won all 8 games.

After the first 2 sets were split, Lightning B then won 6 consecutive sets to win the match 14-2 against Bloomfield B. All the players from the losing team won 1 game whilst all Lightning's players won 7 with Jeremy Cara just having the best points tally. The result leaves Bloomfield stranded at the wrong end of the table but Lightning remain comfortably in mid table.

Bloomfield A had their best win of the season as they narrowly defeated Hesketh Fleetwood B 9-7. After a split first set Bloomfield then won the next 2 followed by another split for a 6-2 lead at the half way mark. The next 2 sets went equally to both teams and then in the first game of the penultimate set Bloomfield's Jordan Taylor-Millington and James Atherton won to take Bloomfield over the finish line. HF won the final 3 games to give a respectable score. Jordan had an excellent night winning 7 games. Only Richard Percival won more than half his games for HF ending with 5 wins.