Hesketh Fleetwood A resumed the New Year with a solid win over their B team by 20-4 although it has to be mentioned that the A conceded the final 2 mixed due to an injury.
Elizabeth Andrew obviously hadn’t eaten too much Christmas pudding as she was the only player to win all 8 games although mother Caroline won 6 from 6 before retiring injured. Manoj Mandahar won 2 games from 8 for the B.

Its quite rare when a lower team beats its own higher team, but this happened when Stanley C inflicted a defeat on its own B team by 16-8! This result was made more memorable as it was the C teams first win of the season! C team ladies won 4 and the men won 5 to give them a substantial lead of 9-3. In the first 4 mixed sets the C won 6 games for a 15-5 lead. In set 11 the first game went to the C to leave the B struggling to get a point. However they managed to win the second game and then won the final set through Claire Doherty and Ross Adams to claim a bonus. The C team still bottom but still fighting hard in every match. Wendy Rutter was the hero for the C as she won all 8 games, whilst Claire won 5 for the B team.

Project 12, without their injured main player Jon Jackson, struggled against Kirkham Charter B, eventually losing 18-6. Kirkham got off to great start winning all 6 ladies and 4 mens and they never let Project back into the match in the mixed where they won 8. Carol Howarth was POTM for winning all 8 games and Emma Nickson also had a good match winning 7. Mark Pickles won 5 and was the only Project player to win more than half his games.

Lightning B had a few bumps in the road but still continue leading the way at the top as they beat Lids 15-9 in a tough match. The men won 5 to give them an 8-4 advantage at the interval. The first 3 mixed ended with 3 games each but in the 4th set, Lids pairing of Pauline Weafer and Mark Green won to reduce the deficit to only 2 games and earn their team a bonus point. However, Lightning restored their advantage by comfortably winning the last 2 sets. Mr Consistent Nathan Bunting won 7 games and Lids ladies Pauline Weafer and Linda Settle won 5.

A very strong Hesketh Fleetwood A team easily defeated their B team with only Ant Cross and Derek Hill winning a game. James Lester and Andy Wiseman won all 8. The A team go top temporarily.

In a club derby match Bloomfield A beat their own B team comfortably but not easily.
Phil Hough played well and was involved in the B teams 3 wins. Richard Pascucci was POTM as he was the only player not to lose a game.