Hesketh Fleetwood A team started their defence of the title with a 23-1 against their own B team who were promoted last season as a result of winning Division 2. The match however, didn't reflect some close games which could have gone either way. The B team were rewarded in the very final set which they managed to split. Caroline Andrew and Dave Wiseman conceded the fewest points whilst Katie Kinder and Josh Garbett won the solitary game for the B.

Stanley B only just beat their C team 14-10 in a very close match. In the levels, 5 of the 6 sets were split whilst the other set was won by the B ladies. Worth mentioning that 3 of the 6 ladies games went to setting with the B winning 2 . The first set of the mixed was split with the second and third sets going to each team to maintain the B team's lead at 10-8. The next 2 sets both went to the B to win the match. Clare Doherty was the best player on the night for her 7 games for the winners. Angela Longstaff, Aaron Cheung and Paul Linney each won 4 games for the C team.

Kirkham Charter A looked well on the way to victory against Lids by taking a 10-2 lead into the mixed. Then, after a split first mixed set, the score went from an easy 11-3 lead to a tense 11-9. However a win in set 11 followed by a split just got Kirkham over the line. Amelia Parker and Ian Cartmell were Kirkham's top scorers as they won 4 levels and 3 mixed. Julie Bennett and Greg Littler won 4 for Lids.

For the second week Project 12 were unable to field their strongest team leading to a consecutive 19-5 defeat. 10 levels plus 9 mixed were more than enough to give Lightning B a resounding away win. Karen Pye and Andy Heaton both won 8 whilst Kerry Whitehouse and Mark Pickles won 4 each for Project.

Kirkham Charter hosted a very close and exciting match against Bloomfield B which resulted in a great win for the visitors. Bloomfield swept into an early lead of 6-2 at the halfway stage, however KC pulled themselves back into the match by winning 3 of the next 4 games to reduce the deficit to 7-5. The penultimate set proved to be the most crucial as it was narrowly won by Bloomfield with both games ending 21-17 to give them the 3 points. KC managed to finish the night on a positive note by winning the final set 17 & 19. All the players won at least 2 games whilst the best player on the night was Danny Robinson, who played for the losing team and won 6 ! Special mention to Hollie Mackay who was involved in many close games.

Lightning A easily disposed of their B team 16-0 winning the match by over 100 points. Nathan Bunting just edged the POTM for conceding the fewest points closely followed by Rob Cockerill and Graham Cooper.

There was a tough match between Hesketh Fleetwood B and Lids A in which 6 of the 8 sets were split. HF managed to win the 3rd set after the first 2 sets were split. This was followed by another 3 split sets before another HF set win gave them the points. The final set was also split as Lids fought to the end for a close but narrow 10-6 defeat. Ant Cross was POTM as he won 6 for HF. Jason Lydon split all his sets for Lids.