Lightning B +255 beat Lightning A by 1 point !!

A tough handicap for LA as they had to win each game 21-10 on average. Although they managed to win every game, LB fought hard in all the 3 disciplines. In the ladies, LB won 61 points and mens 70 points to keep themselves on target. In the mixed they managed 119 points, helped by a game where Karen Pye and Nathan Bunting won 14 points and another game where Kathryn Oakes and Rob Cockerill won 17 points. In total, LB won 250 points + 255 handicap which was just 1 point more than the A. Sian Nixon was POTM as she gained 104 points and Rob won most points for the B.


Lids +100 beat Kirkham Charter A by 140 points.
Despite losing twice to Kirkham in the league, Lids easily won this first round match. Their ladies won 5 games and gained 19 points whilst the men did even better as they won all 6 games to gain 37 points. After the levels therefore Lids found themselves 56 points in front without the handicap. The mixed was more evenly contested as Kirkham won 7 games but could only pull back 16 points. Julie Bennett, James Norman and Mark Green won 6 games but more importantly gained the most points for Lids, whilst the best player in the match was Kirkham's Amelia Parker who gained 35 points.

Hesketh Fleetwood C +100 beat Stanley A by 22 points.
A close match which led to a tense and exciting last 2 sets. HF actually won the ladies by 11 points and only lost the mens by 24. Stanley went into the mixed 13 points ahead which they increased by 57 points in the first 4 sets to lead by 70 points. In the final 2 sets, Diane Atkinson and Derek Hill and Linda Adams and Phil Fyles from HF,despite losing all 4 games, only conceded another 8 points. Although Stanley won the match by 78 points, the actual result after the handicap meant HF were the winners by 22 points. Linda won 5 games and gained 13 points. Stanley's Lee Meakin had the consolation of being POTM after winning all 8 games with a + 66 points.

Kirkham Charter B +120 beat Project 12 by 107 points.
A comfortable win for Kirkham after an excellent start which saw them ahead after the levels by 18 points mainly thanks to their men who gained 19 points. Project did pull back 31 points in the mixed but it was nowhere near enough as Kirkham romped home. Project's Kat Platt had the best points difference in the match of +23 but Ian Chase's +18 proved to be the more significant for Kirkham.

Stanley B + 210 beat Hesketh Fleetwood B by 16 points
A resilient performance from Stanley who just managed to get over the line. HF recovered 100 pints after the levels as their ladies gained 51 points and the men 49. In the mixed Stanley just managed to stay ahead and get over the line. Katie Kinder had the best points difference of 81 whilst all Stanley's players fought hard to win a place against Lids in the semifinals.