Division I
3rd placed Kingfisher A got the better of 4th place Lightning A in a 15-9 victory. Kingfisher's ladies got a perfect start by winning all 6 but Lightning's men won 5 to keep the match alive before going into the mixed. Lightning managed to tie the match at 8-8 before Kingfisher stormed to victory by winning 7 of the final 8 games. Jess Logue was Kingfisher's hero for winning 8 games whilst Lee Williams and Oliver Hives won 5.

Poulton moved back to the top after an easy 21-3 against Pilling. In the levels they dropped only 1 mens and maintained this in the mixed where they won 10. Nikki Wilford and Michelle Skinner won 8 whilst Andy Davis helped to win Pilling's 3 games.

Division 2
The mid table clash between Kirkham Charter A and Hesketh Fleetwood C produced a very close and exciting match. Kirkham's 6 ladies was matched by HF's 6 mens. The first 2 sets of mixed went to either side and the 3rd mixed set was tied to give a 9-9 score. Kirkham then won set 10 to go ahead 11-9. Hesketh then showed their fighting spirit by winning the final 2 sets which included winning 2 games on settings! Hesketh's Phil Fyles won 8 games which was matched by Kirkham's Amelia Parker.

Title favourites and league leaders Hesketh Fleetwood B had to play well to overcome a spirited fight back from 3rd placed Project 12. It looked like another easy win for HF as they took all 12 level games! However, Project produced a mini comeback by winning 5 mixed games including a 27-25 game! Sheena Carberry and Mike Percy won all 8 of their games and Kat Platt and Jon Jackson played well in the mixed and won 3.

Still fighting for the title, Stanley A had a very easy win over Lids 21-3. Leading 12-0 after the levels, Stanley maintained their form into the mixed by winning the next 4 sets to lead 20-0! Lids continued to fight and managed to win 3 of the final 4 games.
Stanley will finish runners up unless they beat Hesketh Fleetwood B comfortably.
Natasha Falkingham and Lee Meakin won 8 for Stanley. Helena Lempur and James Norman won 2 games for Lids in the final mixed set.

Lightning had a very close 9-7 win over Stanley in a great match where a quarter of the games went to settings! This not only included a split set of 25-23 and 23-21 but also a game in the next set which ended 30-28! Adam Rochd, Mike Cooper and Harrison Uppard won 5 for the winners but unusually, the best player was on the losing team as Lee Meakin won 6.